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Aerial & Drone Photography Lightroom Presets

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Make your aerial photography pop with 60 highly universal presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile*

This collection of 60 Lightroom presets is specially developed for the needs of aerial landscape photography, taken from a plane or helicopter or with drones like the DJI Mavic 2, Mavic Pro/Air or Phantom 4.

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These are not your average 'one-click presets'.

This product is designed as a structured workflow and consist of six modules. This gives you the freedom to individually shape the final image with a selection of adjustment presets and develop a repeatable personal style in the process. A structured workflow frees you from the worries of where to start and what to do next. The looks are divided into realistic looks and artistic looks to provide a wide range of editing options. 

Compatible with Lightroom Desktop and Mobile (DNG presets included!)

All Lightroom presets are included in XMP, lrtemplate and DNG format to ensure maximum compatibility and flexibility across platforms and devices.

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The presets are extremely universal and work on a variety of different landscape types during all seasons of the year: sunny beach and coastal landscapes, cloud-shrouded mountain peaks, clear mountain lakes, misty forests, and dry desert regions. This collection clearly follows the "quality over quantity" approach, and the presets have been extensively tested on a large number of images from different camera and drone models.

Developed for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile

All presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC, and Classic CC (.lrtemplate & XMP-files included) as well as the latest Lightroom Mobile app on iOS and Android. For Lightroom Mobile, you can choose either the synchronization method via Lightroom on your desktop computer or the installation method via DNG presets.

Also works with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop!

This product also works with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in version 10.3 or newer—that means you can use the presets in Adobe Photoshop, too.

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How my presets work

This collection of Lightroom presets is created as a workflow and follows a logical order, and all 60 presets are grouped into six modules.

There are a total of 8 realistic looks (R1–R8) and 6 artistic looks (A1–A6) to choose from. Each look comes in two different intensity levels. This product is ideal for amateurs and professionals alike.

  • 1. Exposure (9 presets)
  • 2a. Realistic Looks (16 presets)
  • 2b. Artistic Looks (12 presets)
  • 3. Vignetting (5 presets)
  • 4. Split Toning (9 presets)
  • 5. Noise Reduction (4 presets)
  • 6. Sharpening (4 presets)

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Remember that every preset is meant as a starting point. You’ll need to fine-tune certain settings, like color-temperature and the blacks and whites under the 'Basic' panel when editing.


  • 60 Lightroom presets (XMP, lrtemplate and DNG format included to ensure maximum compatibility across platforms and devices)
  • compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC and Classic CC (Win & Mac) as well as the free Lightroom Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Also works with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in version 10.3 or newer - that means you can use the presets in Photoshop, too!
  • Optimized for JPG and RAW images

Compatible with (but not limited to) the following drones:

Please note before you buy: due to the digital nature of the products, all sales are final. There are no refunds or returns. → Try my FREE presets before you buy.

Before and After Examples

Head over to my website and see some "live" before and after examples of my presets browse through my portfolio or Instagram feed.

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For Lightroom Desktop & Mobile App

Lightroom 4-6, CC, Classic & Mobile App
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DNG Presets also included
Preset File Format
.XMP + .lrtemplate + .DNG


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Aerial & Drone Photography Lightroom Presets

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